Creating an online learning system for digital literacy in higher education



Creation of educational modules and curriculum on digital literacy in higher education;


The key to student success in higher education and life is digital literacy. In university education, it is necessary to teach digital literacy in the first year and the first semester in all faculties and all departments.



During the Covid-19 pandemic period that started in 2020, all courses were conducted remotely in a digital environment. This period proved that most students do not have the knowledge and skills to gather the information they need from credible sources, which means that their digital literacy is insufficient. Digital information literacy training is an integral part of general education. For this reason, students should acquire this ability and realize its weight and importance already in the first courses of their university studies. Education, like any field, is rapidly becoming digitized with each passing day. Students lack the skills and knowledge to access the right sources of information and cannot properly use existing digital information literacy opportunities when developing their assignments.
Most of these students do not know that they have all the information resources on their mobile phones in their hands. Consequently, most of the students who enter or graduate from university graduate without learning how to use the internet and what it really means to be digitally literate. For these reasons, it is necessary to have training to help them learn how to use the right resources and increase their ability to gather and present information.
The Internet affects every field, influencing the educational process and enriching the teaching process, it offers teachers and students unlimited social, cultural and personal opportunities. However, the Internet can be quite effective in the learning process, which depends on the students' information literacy skills and their abilities to use the Internet effectively. Digital literacy, in short, is the ability to find the information you need, to define that information, to be able to evaluate, summarize and use it. In today's world, there are all kinds of resources and information in the Internet environment and it is imperative to have the skills to: • Know the types of sources, • Evaluate the means of accessing information, • Analyze the need for information, and • Reorganize information. Information literacy in the digital world is at the heart of the lifelong learning process. Students who lack information literacy and only use the digital world for chatting, social communication and listening to music have proven once again that they lack digital information literacy with their performance in homework and exam preparation during the 2019-2021 pandemic process d. In recent years, it has been noticed that students are not able to adequately use the digital resources that universities have subscribed to, spending thousands of euros.
A total of four Project Results (PPRs) will be achieved in the current project:
PPR1: Creating an online learning system for digital literacy in higher education;
PPR2: Creation of educational modules and curriculum on digital literacy in higher education;
PPR3: Creation of DIGI-KEY mobile application;
PPR4: DIGITAL AND PRINT DIGI-KEY BOOK for digital literacy training in higher education.
The project aims to provide partners with knowledge, experience and applications related to digital information literacy, which will contribute to defining the curriculum framework for students.

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